Undergoing Gum Line Correction? Here’s What You Should Know

Gum line correction

Are you unhappy with your smile? Having a healthy smile is something we all want. But don’t worry if you don’t have that perfect smile, as we have solutions to fix this. Gum line correction is one treatment method that can align your gums. It’s not always teeth that impact your smile. Consulting a reputed cosmetic dentist in East Grinstead can help you with the right solution. Let’s dive deeper into the subject below.

Facts About Gum Line Correction


When can a person have gum line correction?


Most people believe that gum line correction is a cosmetic treatment and just aims to give a beautiful smile to a person.

 Periodontal issues from bacteria or any infection are generally diagnosed using nonsurgical ways. This process can result in tooth loss or any other issues. This may require using antibiotics or other cleaning methods to get rid of the bacteria.

 The next step in this treatment is pocket reduction surgery which helps eliminate bacteria beneath the gum tissue. Gum contouring can be recommended to align the gum after this surgery.


Steps Involved in the Gum Contouring Process


Local Anaesthesia


Most dentists give local anaesthesia so that you don’t feel any sort of discomfort or pain during the procedure. 


Marking the New Gum Line


The next step involves marking the desirable gum line to finish the gum tissues’ edges. This is an important step as this decides where your gum line will finish at the completion of the process.


Gum Shaping


This is the key step of the entire process. The dentist will remove the extra gum tissue or reshape the existing ones. Some cases may also require adding gum tissue. The required tissue will be taken from your body.


Why Is Gum Contouring Worthwhile?


●     Removes Excess Gum Tissues: No one wants to have a gummy smile. This procedure will help you get rid of excess gum tissues, resulting in a more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile.


●     Even Gum Line: This process helps a person in getting an even gum line by adding or removing gum tissues depending on a particular case.


●     Permanent Results: Gum line correction gives you a permanent result, so you don’t need to be concerned about your smile anymore.


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Time to Learn More About the Most Common Dental Emergencies

emergency dentist east grinstead

In certain situations, getting access to a dentist may be an emergency. A patient may be in a lot of pain, and the treatment has to be done immediately. In this scenario, an emergency dentist can provide proper assistance. With the help of professional dental treatment, they will be able to reduce the stinging sensation of tooth pain.

The Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist:

Though many are anxious about visiting a dentist, it is a must if they are experiencing a dental emergency. They will be able to eliminate the pain with proper treatment and make the patient comfortable again.

Common Issues Where Emergency Dentists Can Help:

An emergency dentist in East Grinstead has experience working in different urgent situations. We discuss some of them in the following section of the blog.

  • Bleeding from Swollen Gums: It is one of the definitive signs of gum disease. It may be caused due to the build-up of dental plaque on the gum surface. If the patient witnesses a blood flow from the gums, it is definitely the time to contact a reliable emergency dentist. Getting help from an emergency dentist is the only way to avoid the problem becoming a serious issue.
  • Accidents: Playing a sport with considerable physical contact increases the chance of dental trauma. It may cause significant damage to the teeth, which may need treatment from emergency dentists. To prevent such accidents from the next game session, one should ask the dentist to provide a custom mouth guard.
  • Dental Abscess: It is a form of dental infection that may look like a pimple on the gum surface. It is one of the definitive signs to get a root canal and save the infected tooth. It is also the proper solution to close a dental cavity if it penetrates the tooth’s inner chamber.
  • Toothaches: It is one of the most common issues an emergency dentist can treat. Toothache can happen for different reasons, including gum irritation and trapping food particles between teeth. If the problem persists for a long time, it is time to get it treated by an emergency dentist.

These are some common problems that an emergency dentist can come to help with. To get attention from a reliable, professional dentist, one must collaborate with East Grinstead Smiles. Here, one can find the medical attention of qualified emergency dentists in East Grinstead. They have in-depth knowledge of various emergency dental treatments. For more information, you can visit their website today.