4 Essential Tips To Keep in Mind While Adjusting to New Dentures


New dentures are certainly a cause for celebration; however, the initial days can be tougher than you’ve imagined. Dentures are a blessing for toothless people. They improve the quality of life by increasing the confidence of the person. However, an artificial set of teeth can be a constant source of irritation for many. In East Grinstead, for dentures, it is always advisable that you visit a good dental clinic with an experienced team of dentists. They will not only fix your dentures properly but also advise you on the initial ways to help you adjust to the new member in your mouth.

Here are a few tips to help you with these common dilemmas that can help you adjust initially.

How to adjust initially with new dentures?

Eat a selective range of food carefully

Right after the denture treatment has been completed, ensure you don’t start eating everything right away. Stick to soft food items like cereals, pudding and desserts. Again, avoid excessive sugary food and ensure you stay hydrated with juices. It is advisable to avoid hard meat and spicy and sugary food items once you’ve undergone the denture treatment.

Take care while chewing and biting

Make sure you chew on both sides of the mouth as soon as you’ve undergone the denture treatment. Put small pieces of food to avoid problems with the chewing part. This will also reduce the bite size and help you to bite and digest the food completely. You might have trouble chewing and gulping them down if you eat large portions of food at a time. Initially, chewing food along with dentures can seem problematic. However, with time, you will surely overcome this problem.

Give time to settle down

Like most other things, dentures are a new introduction to your body. Hence, the body will need enough time to settle down and merge with the existing gum and other parts. Hence, give your body some time to get adjusted to the new dentures. You might be experiencing problems because the mouth’s soft tissues will constantly come in contact with the dentures. However, with time, this will settle down. In most cases, patients generally adapt to the new dentures quickly.

Clean dentures regularly

You must maintain proper denture hygiene. Clean your dentures properly every day. Make it a night-time routine. It is also a good habit to soak your dentures in the cleansing solution for around 15 minutes  overnight every day.

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